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makeup & hair on point

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Ashley Greene at the Kaufman Franco Show - 11.02.13

10 notes Ashley with a security guard in Las Vegas.

Ashley with a security guard in Las Vegas.

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Ashley is treating her “BFF” Caitie to a three day in Las Vegas in celebration of her birthday. I still remember Caitie’s and Heather’s (another so called friend) snippy half hearted wishes and passive aggressive tweets around Ashley’s last birthday (in comparison to how they usually are with her especially on twitter), which, I assume, was because she chose to have a low key celebration with her family¬† and boyfriend in NYC and not a get away blown out celebration (contrary to 2010,2009) where they could tag along like they always did. She was actually later treated to a get away by her then boyfriend Reeve Carney, but yes, they didn’t get to come along either. A part of me thinks they wouldn’t have even sent those tweets if it weren’t for fans bombarding them with reminder that it was her birthday. Ashley said she always expects the best in people and I understand that she trusts those friends whom she has had since before she was even famous..and although some of them seem really nice (Jenny, Irene, Emily, Julia, Ramsey, Tanner..etc) but I hope I am not the only one who’s rubbed the wrong way by a few of them. Especially since the whole Facebook private conversation leak incident (which was obviously done by a close friend because she didn’t have many people added on her account) and how it was supposedly being shopped around to media by said friend. Thankfully Ashley contained that situation somehow and it didn’t go anywhere/leak and most fans don’t even know about it but it must have really hurt her and you gotta question things after that. I honestly think that was the main reason Ashley distanced herself from her L.A posse for a while there. She actually moved to NYC right after that incident. Long rant short, I don’t trust some of Ashley’s “friends”. She’s famous and she’s not immune to coattail riders and tag-alongs or being used and but I hope I’m really wrong about all of this and she’s surrounding herself with people who genuinely love and care for her.